Episode 3

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Season 4, Episode 3

Episode 3:

And now, the curtain rises on another one of Rosalie’s fateful encounters.

Standing in front of the UFO catcher in a gaming centre, Shun watched as Rosalie’s nosebleed returned with a vengeance.

Grabbing a fistful of tissues, he stuck them up Rosalie’s nose.

Sigh, when was this going to stop?

“Shun! I can’t breathe!”

“Oh, be quiet you!”

A couple minutes ago:

The movie wasn’t due to start in quite a while. As they were wandering around, listless, Rosalie caught sight of a gaming centre. Shun had no choice but to follow her in.

“Shun, Shun, what is this?”

She was standing in front of a UFO catcher box, lined with a variety of cute and cuddly toys.

“It’s a UFO catcher.”

“U-F-O… catcher?”

Shun watched Rosalie struggle with the words while alternating glances at the toys within the catcher box.

It seemed a particular toy had caught her eye.

A cute, round little toy dog, most certainly aimed at pleasing the female half of the population was staring right at her. Right through the glass-paned confines of the box.

Shun recalled seeing the character in one of those children’s anime series.

Rosalie had snuck right up to the forefront of the box and was currently standing, staring at it, her face squished against the glass panel.

The tissues were getting redder by the second.

Grabbing hold of the door located at the side of the box, Rosalie nodded in determination as she gave it a firm tug.


It wouldn’t open.

Another try then.


Still, it wouldn’t budge.

Confused, Rosalie looked around her.

The befuddlement on her face, coupled with her innocent efforts, made for an irresistible combination.

Watching the scene unfold, Shun almost smiled.


And then –


Rosalie had grabbed the box whole and was starting to get that look of intense concentration again.

Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.

“Stop! Stop! It’s not a treasure chest!”

This called for desperate measures.

Grabbing a spare cream puff, he stuffed it in her mouth.

“First, you’ve got to move this lever.”

“Ah, I see. So that’s the trick to this game.”

After a series of explanations, Rosalie was finally ready to start.

Shun dropped a single chip into the chip slot. The music started.

Rosalie’s face was etched with excitement as she grabbed ahold of the lever on the control panel.


The crane started to move.

“Now, when you’re right above where you want it to be, press this button.”

Immediately, Rosalie deployed the button.

The crane started to move downwards.


Mirroring its movements, Rosalie bent lower too.

And –

Yes! The crane touched the outstretched arm of the toy dog.

But wait! As the flimsy catcher at the bottom of the crane opened, Rosalie watched as it grabbed a fistful of air and retracted upwards.

The music stopped.

Rosalie had lost.

Turning back to glance at Shun, she looked just like a kicked pup.

“… Just a few more tries. You can do this.”

Upon saying so, Shun dropped another 100 Yen chip into to the money slot.

This went on for another six times.

Rosalie was furious.

You could practically feel her hackles rise just by standing there, and everyone else seemed to have left .

Animal instincts most likely, in order to avoid Rosalie’s wrath.

“This UFO catcher. It’s very strong.”

Shun could see the fire burn bright in her eyes.

Her wish for the stuffed dog toy, as well as her absolute desire to win, had mixed together to form a volatile hybrid of emotions.

“I- I see.”

Shun paid for another go.

No way was he going to provoke her when she was like this.

“This time, I’m going to get it!”


That’s what she’s been saying for the last three tries.

Honestly, Shun did not believe her to get any better.

With excessive force of strength, Rosalie grabbed the lever once more.

Shun watched on, as the machine started moving again.

“Oh no!”

Apparently, Rosalie had mistakenly pressed the button to lower the crane. The timing was wrong, the position was a mistake and –

As the catcher closed its clawed hand, it grabbed a hold of the stuffed dog.


In her excitement, Rosalie tugged hard on Shun’s sleeve.

The crane lifted upwards, swaying with the weight of the toy.

“Shun! What should I do?! Shun!”

Rosalie didn’t know where to look. She was so excited.

“Okay, okay, calm down! Stop pulling on my sleeve! You’re going to tear it!”

The crane had already moved towards the shoot.


The toy dropped into the opening slot and reappeared at the bottom of the retrieval chute.

Rosalie stood stock still.

“… Did I get it?”

Shun nodded.

Her face lit up with a big grin.

“I did it!”

Rosalie exclaimed joyously.

Her face full of happiness, Rosalie picked up her newest achievement.

It was then that something else caught her eye.

A little girl, between the ages of two and three, was waiting at the corner of the UFO catcher box, standing on her tippy toes trying to get a good look at the toys within.

This dog must be a popular character, Shun thought to himself.

Rosalie glanced at the girl, then at her stuffed dog.

Walking towards her, Rosalie bent down and smiled.

“Do you like this?”

Needless to say, the girl was extremely surprised.

A little awkwardly, she nodded.

Rosalie’s eyes grew soft in understanding.

“Here, take it.”


That sure was easy.

Rosalie spent ages trying to get that dog, only to give it away?

The little girl was taken aback. Looking at the dog, then at Rosalie, she held a look of confusion in her eyes, as if trying to confirm if Rosalie really meant that.

“It’s fine, you can have it.”

Rosalie smiled and nodded, following up with her staple phrase.

“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. I’m a hero after all.”

“A hero?”

“Yes, a hero.”

Patting the girl on the head, Rosalie gave her a warm smile.

“Are you happy now?”

The little girl might not have understood all of what Rosalie was saying, but she got the gist of it.


A peal of laughter, followed by angelic smile.

“Then that’s all I need.”

Later, when the little girl returned to her mother, there was a short interval of polite refusals and mutual declinations, but ultimately, Rosalie won out and the mother thanked her for her gift.

“Now, let’s go watch a movie, Shun!”

Her smile was so contented, even though she had just given up something she wanted so badly.

So this was the kind of girl she was after all.

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