Episode 2

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Seaso 4, Episode 2

Episode 2:

The heat was reminiscent of summer.

Strange. The weather report did say there was to be a light drizzle in the Kanto area today though.

It was on this day that many people gathered at the Shikishima railway station, and most of them had their eyes on Rosalie.

With her white parasol floating in time with her steps, her golden hair swept up into a classical updo, her blue eyes dancing and her white skin practically glowing, she was like a beautiful breath of fresh air.

It was as though a visiting princess had just decided to take a walk down the streets. That was how unreal she looked.

The people from around her openly stared, and those from afar couldn’t help but gaze in her direction either. A couple of younger girls even swiped out their phone and pointed it at her.

And the lucky man who was walking next to her was –


Gosh, was he tired.

And no, it wasn’t the heat, rather, it was due to everything they had encountered up to this point.

“Shun, what is that?”

Rosalie pointed at a Hamburger Store.

Shun moved to answer her, but before he could utter a word Rosalie had already grabbed a hold of and started dragging him towards the store.

“Welcome! Good afternoon!”

The girl at the counter greeted them with a smile.

At this point, Shun knew he had to act fast. Without even consulting Rosalie, he pointed to the special Seasonal Set and ordered for two.

“That’ll be 1155 yen.”

Reaching for his wallet, Shun took out a 1000 yen note, when –

“What’s this?”

Rosalie stared at the paper in Shun’s hand.

“Is this one of those tickets? You can’t buy anything with tickets! Here, I’ll pay instead.”

Before Shun could move to stop her, Rosalie had already grabbed her travelling bag from who-knows-where and was emptying its contents on the counter, proceeding to litter it with a heap of gold.

“Here, 2000 Gold. That should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

“…H-huh… w-what?…”

Faced with what looked like a pile of pure gold, the poor counter girl did not know how to react.

The restaurant erupted in chaos.

Grabbing Rosalie by the hand, Shun lunged for the gold and hightailed it out of the restaurant.

“What’s wrong, Shun? Were we not about to buy some hamburgers?”

Ignoring her, Shun determinedly dragged her along.

This was the 5th time this date he’d had to slink away like this.

It really was embarrassing.

At first, Shun was happy, excited even at the prospect of this date. Everyone gazed at him in envy, jealous of the fact that he was the one chosen to walk beside such a beautiful girl.

But unfortunately, that didn’t last.

“Shun, if we’re looking for somewhere fun to go, let’s go to the casino!  There’s nowhere better than that!”

The date had just started, and Shun had already confirmed Rosalie’s sense of fun was still in tune to what she knew from in-game.

He was about to object, when without warning Rosalie drew her sword and cut a nearby trailer clean in half.

“Hmph! These things sure are weak. They look like monsters, sure, but they have hardly any defense at all. Small fry, these are. I could hardly get any experience from that.”

From the corner of his eye, Shun could see people taking out their phones.



“Run? What do you mean –”

That was unfortunate event number 1.

Things only got weirder after that.

Whenever something caught Rosalie’s eye, she would immediately drag Shun over to have a look. And wherever they went, trouble was sure to find them.


Shun collapsed on the park bench, grateful for a moment of respite.

In contrast, Rosalie sat next to him bolt upright, her parasol stuck into the ground like a queen’s scepter. It was surreal really, how they were in this normal park, with normal young mothers pushing their normal babies in normal little prams, when everything Rosalie stood for was the exact opposite of normal.

“Shun, what’s wrong?”

She wasn’t very perceptive, was she?

“Are you tired?”


Shun just wanted her to give it a rest.

This was the ultimate dating scenario. Two young, consenting teenagers, on a bench, next to each other, soaking in each other’s company. Indeed, what could be more delightful?

Only, nothing could be further from the truth then.

“Let’s just take a break.”

“A break?”

Rosalie nodded in understanding.

“In that case, let’s go to a hotel.”


“I know, Shun. Hotels are like inns, aren’t they? It’s a little early, but we can probably rest up there! Manami said you’d like it if we did that!”

And before he knew it Rosalie was already grabbing him, ready to dash to the closest hotel.


Digging his feet into the ground, Shun retrieved his secret weapon – a Pate a Choux.

“What’s the matter, Shun? Weren’t we going to the – Mmph!”

He had stuck a whole cream puff into her mouth.

Rosalie’s expression immediately brightened and her cheeks worked furiously as she devoured the cream puff.


Sinking down once again on the bench, Shun thanked the heavens that no one was close enough to hear their conversation.

He wouldn’t know where to hide otherwise.

Truth to be told, he’d rather just head home now. Whatever feelings of happiness he had when the date first started had dissipated, replaced instead with weariness.

Next to him, Rosalie looked at him anxiously.

And then, there was the rustling sound of paper.

“How about a ‘movie’ then? Or a ‘playground’? Or would you like to go to a ‘café’ instead?”

Lazily turning his gaze towards her, Shun noticed that Rosalie was clutching onto a small memo for dear life.

Words were flying all over the page, things like ‘planetarium’, or ‘café’ written down in large, rather childish letters.

“How does a ‘planetarium’ sound, Shun?”

Stopping to take a breath, Rosalie glanced at Shun to gauge his reaction. Was it just him, or did she seem more keyed up than usual…?

She wasn’t nervous, was she?

Come to think of it, she’d been rather unusual since the morning. While Rosalie was always active and full of energy, she seemed to be even more pumped up than usual today. Every little thing she’d drag him over to take a look at, and on every single thing she seemed to want his participation.

“A date’s supposed to be fun.”

That came out almost petulantly, as if she was trying to reassure herself.

“That’s why I need to make this successful. As your bride, I need to make our dates successful so you’ll be happy!”

With nary a quiver in her voice, Rosalie announced this, beyond doubt that such was her duty and her heart.

Shun’s heart pounded.

He’d probably never admit it, but when his name rolled off Rosalie’s lips, his heart might have given a flutter. Or two.

Seeing her determination, he couldn’t quite tell her that he wanted to go home anymore, could he?

“Alright, let’s go to the movies then.”

Rosalie flashed a beautiful smile.

“The ‘movies’ it is!”


“Don’t you worry, Shun. Your big sis will do everything she can for you…”

Mikoto mumbled in her sleep, clearly still unconscious.

And as for Nadeshiko?

“Is Sassoon not here yet?”

After having undergone a full body message, Nadeshiko, in no better mood than before, demanded for her beauty maven’s presence.

This might take a while.

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