Episode 0

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Season 4, Episode 0

Episode 0:

Shun had been going through troubled times as of late.

“Rosalie, you have a lot of good traits. One of my fav –“

“Stop it!”

So enamoured was she by the letter she received the other day, that Rosalie gave no heed to where and whom she read it to.

“Hello there! Please listen to this! Shun and I have finally exchanged letters!”

Any Tom, Dick or Harry would do. She was just so happy she couldn’t contain herself.

And thanks to that, everyone now knew about it. His parents would grin at him knowingly; Mikoto would huff and say something along the lines of, “Well, big sis won’t give it to you that easily!”; Nadeshiko seemed to have upped her ante, and was cracking down on him even more of late (for example, a test was just returned to him with some unknown marks taken off).

In fact, even the neighbours seemed to know. The other day, when he was on his way home from school, a gaggle of housewives greeted him with quips from his letter, “Rosalie, that’s what I like best about you”, before erupting into coos of “Oh, young love!”, or “Kanda-san, we’ve already prepared presents for your wedding ceremony. “

The embarrassment was so excruciating that Shun honestly wished a hole would open in the ground and just swallow him up.

“Give that back to me!”

Shun rounded up on Rosalie as soon as he could when he barged into his house.

And maybe whatever shred of connection he felt with her that day too.

Rosalie stared at him squarely. Her blonde hair whipping around her face and her mantle swishing around her, she held onto the pendant around her neck wherein she had stored the letter.

Every inch of her, from her stance to her expression, literally screamed ‘NO’.

“God damn it!”

Tired in both body and mind, Shun sank into the bath tub.

It has been a hell of a day. The only saving grace at this point was that tomorrow was a Saturday, a day in which he didn’t have to meet with anyone. And that there was ice cream in the fridge.

Ah, to spend time looking and debating about ice cream flavours before actually taking a heavenly bite into that sugary sweetness of chilled cream. He needed that. Especially after such an embarrassing episode today. Maybe he would even –


Rosalie threw open the glass door leading into the bathroom, skin glistening like fallen snow, her breasts seemingly pendulous for a girl her size.


Shun immediately turned his back on her.


Rosalie landed in the tub beside him.

“W-What are you doing?”

“I’m your bride, so we should take a bath together.”

What even?

“Manami said she and Takashi used to do it from time to time.”

Manami was Shun’s mother, Takashi, Shun’s father.

Thanks but no thanks for that bit of knowledge, Rosalie. I did not need to know that.

Although Shun probably had bigger problems of his own right now.

A girl, a naked girl, was in the bath right beside him.

Just a brush of their feet underwater, and he could already feel himself heating up.

He needed to go, and fast.

Just as Shun was getting up from the tub, Rosalie reached out a hand to grab a hold of him.



“Shun, let’s have a tryst!”

A tryst?

“We’ve already exchanged letters. Now, it’s time to have a tryst. In other words, we should try and meet up at night, next to some lake, and whisper proses such as “wherefore art thou, Shun?”, to each other!

As always, Rosalie’s views on marriage were hinged only on her experiences from Dragon Bless.

He was reminded once again, that although her level capped at 99, her intelligence stats remained at a base note of 40.

“When we’re done with that, we’ll be one step closer to getting married!”

Rosalie was extremely excited about this.

Shun, on the other hand, felt nothing.

When Rosalie had reached out to pull him in again, she’d inadvertently hugged him from behind. And when a woman hugs a man from behind… well, let’s just say that the two twin globes of softness that Shun felt pressed against him from the back were not his imagination.

As if he hadn’t already been pushed to his limit before this.

Rosalie tightened her grip on him.

“Does this feel good, Shun?”

Her voice was that of pure joy at bringing him happiness. But something had to give way, and in this case, Shun’s logical self was dying a rapid, yet painless death.

He was about to turn around and –

“Well then, now that we’re all washed and cleaned, let’s get out shall we?”

Suddenly, Rosalie stood, dragging Shun out of the bath tub with her.


“It’s time for our tryst! Manami also called it a ‘date’.”

“W-Wait, wait!”

Shun dug his heels to the ground, refusing to be dragged around for much longer.

“What’s wrong, Shun?”

“Well, it’s just –“

“Are we not going for our tryst Shun?”

Rosalie was crushed.

“Can we really not have our date, Shun?”

“That’s not it.”

Shun couldn’t say no, he just couldn’t. Not to that face.

Okay, maybe to Rosalie in general he just couldn’t say no.

“Thank goodness!”

Rosalie smiled. Her face flushed from the hot steam, she really looked the picture of beauty and innocence.

“Well then, let’s go find a lake!’

“Well, yes, about that – Wait, hey wait, Rosalie, stop dragging me! Listen to me, Rosalie!”

And this was the story of Shun and Rosalie, out on a very unusual date.

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