Episode 4

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Season 3, Episode 4

Episode 4:

Shun decided to go with the ‘I have no idea what’s happening either!’ stand.

Deny it. Just deny everything.

As Mikoto stammered out her astonishment, Shun waved away her concerns, insisting that Mikoto had misheard him.

However, given the rather extreme effectiveness of the stone, Mikoto could no longer fault Rosalie on it.

Time to move on.

“Next, we’re heading to Shun’s room!”

Today was the first time Shun had witnessed his cousin’s masterful housekeeping skills at work, but what amazed him even more was how she managed to keep a tight grip on the control of things while actually teaching Rosalie how to clean.

That Miko-nee must really love taking care of others, huh?

Still though, he needed to stop things as they were right now, before they got out of hand.

Plus, he didn’t actually want his room to be turned into a war zone.


“H-Hey, Miko-nee, we’ve done enough. Let’s just call it a day, shall we? I’m sure Rosalie’s pretty tired as well –“

“I’m fine!”

Rosalie cut in before he could finish his sentence.

“I wish to complete the bridal training!”

Well, someone was clearly into it.

So into it in fact, Shun was getting really creeped out.

The door creaked open and the three of them entered Shun’s room.

“Now, we’ve got to start with picking up the stuff that’s strewn all over the place!”

Mikoto bent down and started picking up things, designating them into neat piles. As her hand stretched under Shun’s bed, she returned with her a rather familiar box.

“For example, games such as these ought to be put back into his drawers.”

Shun’s eye zeroed in on the game illustration cover.

Wait, was that –

“Remember, Rosalie-chan, to always –“

Too late. Rosalie had seen it too, judging from how she had just snatched that box from Mikoto.

Yes, that was none other than the game illustration covering that housed the game “Dragon Bless”. And depicted in technicolor on the surface of that cover was the warrior princess Rosalie in all her be-armoured glory.



How could he have been so careless!?

“Please, never let Rosalie-san find out that she’s now in an alternate universe.”

The words of Intergalactic Overseer Extraordinaire Sora echoed in his mind.

“W-What is it?”

Mikoto, being neither a gamer, nor a person of high authority in the Intergalactic Peacekeeping Committee, clearly had no idea as to what was going on.

Rosalie flipped the game from cover to cover. Something was definitely bothering her.

She knew.

“If she ever found out that this was not her original universe, it is possible that she might upset the fabric of time and space, and cause an explosion as was never seen before.”

Honestly, he was much too young to die.


Her eyes still trained on the game illustration, Rosalie called out to him.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

“It’s a fake.”


“It must be some blonde tramp that decided to use my name and claim my title again.”


Did Rosalie actually believe –

Well actually, come to think of it, something of that nature might have occurred in-game as well.

“Look, Shun.”

Shun obediently looked at where she was pointing.

“This looks nothing like me at all!”’


She was definitely serious about this. And more than a little angry too.

At this point, Shun wasn’t even sure if it was a problem with her intelligence or if it was just Rosalie.

“Shun, we need to catch them!”

Well, thank god for that though. Now all he needed to do was play along.

“N-No! I mean, they’ve already been caught after all!”

“They have? That’s great!”

So great was Shun’s relief at having dodged the proverbial bullet that he actually heaved a sigh and placed a hand over his beating heart. Little did he know –

“What are you both mumbling about? Come, we need to clean up this bed!”

Mikoto, deciding that she had had enough of being left out, quickly brought things back to a realm where she could handle it.

“Well, what are you waiting for? We want to clean this place up thoroughly, don’t we?”

What in the world? Just when he thought he’d crossed one obstacle, another comes flying at his face.

“M-Miko-nee, it’s alright! Let’s just stop here, shall we?”

“But –“

“It’s really alright! I mean, the bed’s really heavy too, and I’m sure Miko-nee is –“

“All we have to do is move this, right?”

“W-Wait! Rosalie –“

“Leave it to me, Shun. This will be easy!”

Duh. She was level 99 in the strength department.

That was not the issue here!

“No, Rosalie –“

But Rosalie, determined to show Shun her good side, had already grabbed hold of the bed and lifted it as though it were made of Styrofoam.

It was then, that in all their naked glory, Shun’s collection of porno magazines was revealed.


Deep, deep inside, Shun was dying a nice, slow death.

Rosalie shifted the bed to one hand and bent over to retrieve one of the magazines.

The model on the front cover of that issue smiled up at Rosalie as she stared at it with intense concentration.

“Shun, do you like porno magazines?”


Why was it that she managed to be so intuitive only at such times?

Mikoto, on the other hand, was already on the move.

Without batting an eye at Rosalie’s amazing feat of strength, she ducked under and collected the strewn copies of magazines from the floor.

Equal parts efficient and emotionless, Mikoto stacked the piles together neatly and placed them on the table.


She then proceeded to shift her attention to Shun – staring at him intently as though waiting for some explanation.

The air was thick with unspoken tension.


He nearly jumped out of this skin, not at all expecting Rosalie to call out to him at a time like this.


Rosalie was staring at him reproachfully out of those big blue eyes of hers.

“If you want to see a naked body so much, you could just ask to look at mine.”


Rosalie’s hand was already drifting towards her skirt’s zipper.

“What? W-Wait, Rosalie!”

“If I went naked, Shun, you wouldn’t need such magazines.”

She was definitely excited about this.

“Rosalie, your clothes! Put on your clothes!”

“If this goes on, Shun will become a NEET!”

That was Mikoto.

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