Episode 2

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Season 3, Episode 2

Episode 2:

“I’m so sorry, Rosalie!”

Shun’s mother, Manami, apologized to Rosalie profusely, her hands folded together as a sign of repentance.

Apparently, a call had just come in from the restaurant.

“We’ll have to leave the bridal training to another day.”

Manami grabbed a pair of shoes off the rack and ran for the door. The restaurant needed her and it needed her now.

“I see.”

Rosalie looked downcast. She must really have wanted to try her hand at that bridal training thing quite badly.

Shun, on the other hand, was more than a little pleased. And relieved.

Just like that one time Rosalie made a bento for him, nothing good ever came out of her trying to help with the chores.

Cooking and cleaning clearly weren’t the warrior princess’s forte.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind Shun.

“If it’s alright with you, Aunty, maybe I could do it instead?”


Did Miko-nee just volunteer to –

“I volunteer to teach Rosalie-chan about household chores!”

Oh yes, she did.

Even the usually unshakable Manami was shocked.

“W-Well dear, if it’s you, I’m sure you’d be able to do a great job, but… are you okay with this?”

Manami’s words seemed to carry a hidden meaning.

Mikoto simply smiled.

“Of course!”

“Mikoto-chan, you’re a real champ!”

Clasping her hand, Manami descended into tears, moved as she was by the older girl’s generosity.

The scene lasted for a grand total of five seconds before Manami rushed off with a quick “I’m counting on you!”

“A-Ah, Miko-nee, could I stay and watch as well?”

Hell, now that Rosalie had gotten into this he had no choice but to stay by her and make sure she didn’t do anything too strange.

“Of course, Shun-chan.”

Mikoto couldn’t refuse her darling brother anything, could she?

And anyway, even if he didn’t ask to join, she would have invited him to.

He had to see this.

He had to see how completely useless she was at housework and what an utter mess she really was underneath that pretty golden shell.

She needed him to see that Rosalie was not wife material. See how she, Mikoto, was much more superior compared to her.

She’d seen the girl’s appalling work when helping out her aunt. Mikoto knew that, by demonstrating her gentle side, as well as her capability in cleaning up after Rosalie, she would be able to greatly increase her appeal to Shun.

Gasp! Maybe Shun’d even compliment her on her amazing housewife skills!

With all of this scheming going on, Mikoto had to remind herself to calm down. She was still a sweet, kindhearted young girl.

She was willing, she was beautiful, and altogether good. But before all of that, she was first Shun’s older sister.

Come hell or high water, anyone who threatened her Shun-chan had to be eliminated!

She would be the only one for Shun, and someday she would be his bride!

Mikoto’s imagination #2

Location: Living room.

Time: Evening

“Well, Rosalie-chan did try her best!”

Shun’s stare penetrates into my soul.

“Miko-nee, I’ve been here all this while and I never knew! You are indeed the only one for me!”

“Oh my! Shun-chan!”

Flowers start blooming in the background.

“Miko-nee, would you do me the honour of becoming my bride?”

“Of course, Shun-chan! Gladly! From now on, Shun-chan, you’ll be my – “

“I’ll be your NEET for life!”

End scene


And Mikoto fainted.

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