Episode 0

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Season 3, Episode 0

Episode 0:

Kobato Mikoto was, in every sense of the word, an extraordinary older sister.

She was gorgeous, loved to pick up after people and handled every situation with the grace and class befitting of an exemplary older sister. In fact, every gesture, every movement of hers practically screamed ‘I am an older sister’ to everyone around her.

Last year she even won the grand prize in the ‘older sister (blood relations discounted)’ category by a landslide. A large portion of the staff had voted for her as well. There was, predictably, an uproar when the judges were deciding if this ought to be disqualified or not. They’d already did a number on the girls’ whose votes wrote ‘person I most want as an older sibling’, disqualifying it under the pretext of being an entirely different genre (due to the phrasing).

Still, even without all of that, Mikoto was indisputably the winner. The second place didn’t even come close to the number of votes she garnered.

Now, bringing the focus back to the present, this same Mikoto was deeply troubled.

Something, or rather someone had come between her and her little brother, Shun-chan, threatening to destroy the relationship between the two.

Her name – Rosalie.

Shun had explained that, because of the similarity in name to the main character of some game called Dragon Bless, Rosalie had gotten into cosplaying as said character. The pendant and sword she carried around with her were her props, and that way of speech of hers was just her way of trying to stay in character.

What a weird child.

And it was this same weird child that was getting alarmingly close to Shun-chan.

Declaring herself his bride and everything. Hmph! Did she have no shame?


Mikoto would not allow for this. Not over her dead body.

Another day, another worry to add to her growing list.

Mikoto had spent the entire morning in her room, silently glowering over Rosalie and her presence.

She’d better get going to see to Shun this morning too, she thought, as she got ready to get changed. It was a holiday, but well, older sisters never have holidays.

She just couldn’t trust that girl.love01_181

She was worried about Shun, about his future. Naturally, because she was his older sister.

She dreamt of taking care of his every need, from morning till night. She dreamt that she’d get married to him. That she’d have his kids, that they’d build a happy family together. Then she’d take care of him in more ways than now. How exciting. Naturally, of course, because she was his older sister.

Slipping on a pair of bear printed panties, pulling them to sit over her wide child-bearing hips, Mikoto decided that she’d dress properly on top. Under the cover of her jumper and skirt she looked just like any other older sister. No need for anyone to ever guess she had this side to her.

The bear printed panties was a budding teenage girl’s secret to keep.

One could not be careful enough with that girl around.

While Shun seemed to only put up with Rosalie and her odd antics, something didn’t seem quite right to Mikoto. She could have imagined it, but there might have been once that she caught him staring at her in amazement with an awestruck gaze so deep, it looked bottomless.

Mikoto was extremely unsettled by this turn of events.

No, no, no!

Mikoto shook her head, her generous breasts heaving.

What if Shun –

Wait, even as she was changing here right now, Rosalie could be up to something!

Mikoto’s imagination:

Scene 1: Morning, Shun’s room

“Shun, its morning. Wake up.”

Insert Shun stretching lazily.

“…Urgh… Come on, let me sleep. It’s a holiday…”

“…. I see. In that case, let me join you.”

Rosalie crawls into Shun’s futon.

“H-huh?! R-Rosalie, if you hug me like that, your chest –“

Shun is stuttering and blushing furiously.

“Just let me do as I want. It’s fine, I’m your bride after all!”


“Shun, you are not allowed to move.”

“What? Why?”

“If you move, you lose. And losing is bad.”

“I see. Alright then, let’s do as you say.”


“If things go on like this, Shun will become a NEET[1]!”

And with that, Mikoto fainted.

How anticlimactic.

To Mikoto, this is a story of how a protective, responsible older sister was tasked with fighting an evil bug that had decided to leech on to her beloved cousin brother.

To everyone else, this is actually a logic-defying story of how a level 99 warrior princess met with a normal high school student and falls in love.

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[1] NEET – Not in Education, Employment or Training


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