Episode 0

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Season 2, Episode 0

Episode 0:

Kanda Shun had a morning routine.

Every morning, his cousin, Kobato Mikoto would come and wake him up.

Although only a year his senior, Miko-nee had taken on the role of a guardian to Shun. Apparently, the sisterly spirit in Mikoto was triggered when Shun’s parents had left to start out their business, and thus, up to the present day, she insisted on taking care of everything for Shun.

That being said though, somehow, whenever she went to wake Shun up in the morning, she would always find some small thing that would drive her mad with worry, and eventually it would all wind up with her lying on the ground, out cold.

One of the more memorable incidents – Mikoto had just barged into Shun’s room, and, after having witnessed the so-called phenomenon of “camping in pyjama pants”, which Shun had taken up back then, had subsequently descended into a state apoplectic shock, the predictable conclusion being that Shun woke up to an unconscious Mikoto at the foot of his bed. Her train of thought back then had supposedly started off with “he was going to be late for school”, but ended up with Mikoto’s umbrella finale for everything Shun related – “he’s going to be a NEET!”

As such, it was always Shun who woke himself up first every day.

Then he would attend to Mikoto.

What? It wasn’t his fault.

For the record, he did ask her to stop coming, since it was becoming more of a hassle and less of a help to him, seeing as she fainted on him every morning. But every time he broached the subject, tears would well up in Mikoto’s large, doe-like eyes, and she wouldn’t stop sobbing until he finally withdrew whatever it was that he said.

Another usual morning.


Shun awoke slightly before Mikoto was due.

It was already June, and yet, the sunny weather kept up.

The morning sun was definitely filtering through the window. He could feel it.

Shifting slightly in the bed, Shun found himself wedged between something extremely soft and comfortable.

Or rather, two somethings.

Two somethings that were lightly swollen, smooth as silk, and had a hint of a bounce.

“Shun, do my breasts feel good?”

A voice.

From somewhere above the region of his forehead.

Argh! And just when he was about to drift back into dreamland!

Slowly, very slowly, Shun raised his head.

Blonde hair glinting in the morning sun, piercing sapphire eyes, those noble features arranged into an angelic expression.


She took his breathe away.

“In that case, we can stay like this forever.”

Smiling, Rosalie looked down at Shun.

So beautiful.

He was about to smile back, when –

Wait a minute, if she’s up there, what am I …?

A feeling of dread settled in the region of his heart.

Looking dead ahead, he was faced with the glorious sight of Rosalie’s boobs.


Falling off the bed, Shun scurried backwards, all too eager to put some space between him and Rosalie and those tempting b– things at the moment.

His teeth chattering, Shun gathered up the remnants of his shattered bravery and asked, “W-What are you doing, s-sleeping h-here?”

“I’m sleeping here because I’m your bride.”

Her reply was firm. Confident.

“Your mother, Manami, taught me to do this.”

That idiot!

“It seems that this husband-wife relationship thing is really similar to the relationship one shares with his allies.”

She proceeded to tell a story of how she had shared a bed with four of her comrades one night while on a journey.

This was game logic at its very best.

My life is over.

With the morning sun pouring down her back, as she gabbled on about relics of her past adventures, Rosalie felt blissfully safe and warm and at home.

Grunting softly, she stretched her arms.

“What?! Why in the world are you naked?!”


Apparently, the coverlet of the futon had silently slipped off when she was cracking her arms above her head.

And of course, she wasn’t one to wear anything underneath.

Shun immediately averted his eyes.

Rosalie on the other hand, was not the least bit concerned. In fact, she appeared very intrigued by Shun’s reaction.

“I heard of this from that thing you call a television. Last night. Apparently, all married couples sleep like this.”

“It’s not like that!”

Or rather, it would be, if they were actually married, but in this case…

Cheeks hot with embarrassment, Shun willed himself to forget what he saw.

Really, how hard can it be?

It was just for a few seconds. For those brief seconds, he saw that shimmering cloud of gold hair, that smooth ivory skin, that gentle slope of her breasts –


It was no use. In that short span of time, his brain had seen fit to brand the image of a very naked Rosalie into his mind.

Suddenly, the voice of someone humming an annoyingly cheerful song wafted up the stairs. The sound of footsteps grew closer, breaking into Shun’s one-sided attempt to wipe clean that image from his mind.

It was Mikoto.

“Miko-nee, wait – ”

Too late, Mikoto had already opened the door and stepped into the room.

“La la la! It’s your friendly neighbourhood sister!”

Then, Mikoto opened her eyes.

The song died on her lips as she took in the sight of Shun on the ground, with Rosalie, gloriously unashamed in her birthday suit, perching on his bed.

“Shun-chan will end up becoming a NEET!”

And with that, she fainted yet again.

“Would Leifrla be necessary?”

Rosalie got up from the bed, concerned.

She was still undressed.

“Or maybe, it would be better to let her rest for the day. If so, the three of us could sleep together tonight – ”

“Okay, okay, I get it, Rosalie! Just put on some goddamned clothes!”

“By that, do you mean to get ready?”

Oh god.

Just one little heroine from some game, and Shun’s life was already turned upside down.

This, my dear friends, marked the beginning of a wonderful, albeit strange, story of the meeting between a boy and a girl, one that surpassed the boundaries between worlds, and held intertwined the fate of the world.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 0

  1. i wonder why most of male main character have to be stupid and indecisive. He unable to explain the circumstance to Rosalie about the game and reality, and just accept what his surrounding said to him.


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