Season 2 Completed!

Evening, readers! Season 2 has just been completed! Hooray! Also, Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 have been updated with images. Double hooray!

Season 3 Episode 0 is up next! But first, a word from our sponsors!

*changes channel*

Summer break

Hi guys! First off, sorry for the long absence. And the slow update speed. On the other hand though, med school has finally decided to give me a break. That means, hopefully, faster uploads over the summer hols! 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me guys, and have fun reading!

2-5 Uploaded

msirp here! Sorry for the extended delay in updates. Translation speed will be slow for the next couple of months. School is kicking Lynn’s butt. She’ll probably make a post about her speed in the coming weeks or on release of the next part. As always, thank you all for reading our translation!

Delay and back again!

Hi guys! Love You Season 2 episode 2 is finally out! Sorry for the delay, finals did quite a number on me. I now know drug names better than I know my own… T.T

Sigh. Cruel indeed is the faith of a medical student.

Anyway, now the winter holidays have started (I live in the southern hemisphere) so we should all see a bump in update speed. Thanks for keeping up with the series so far and enjoy!

Season 1 over and out!

Hi guys!

Season 1 is done! Thanks for sticking with me throughout the 10 episodes, and the irregular updates. Lots going on with the real at the moment, what with university finally starting and all, but don’t worry, episodes for season 2 will be released, at least once a month!

So anyways, hope you all enjoyed season 1 (anyone enslaved by Rosalie’s otherworldly beauty yet?) And please continue to support us for season 2!

Thanks! ^.^

Hey guys, msirp here! Just latching onto Lynn’s post since this doesn’t really warrant its own post.

Many are confused as to how the LN is divided. Think of Seasons as Chapters and Episodes as Parts. Therefore, Volume 1 Season 1 Episode 4 is basically like saying Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 4. V1S1E4 == V1C1P4

Why the difference? Lynn decided that the whole novel read much like a TV series so she is giving it that sort of life. What will we do in later Volumes? Restarting at Season 1 does seem rather odd, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

LY 1-9

Hello readers!

It’s me again, the horrible translator who’s been making you guys wait for like forever (plus minus a few millenniums) for the new chapter. I’m really sorry about it, and I promise that in compensation for that, we’ll have an extra long chapter this week. Enjoy!

Also, go a little easy on me for the next few weeks please. I’m moving to a new country for my studies so my real-life timetable itself might go haywire. Translations will still be up (the mark of my dedication to you guys is indelible) , but it might not be as, well, on time, I guess, as the past few chapters.

Thanks so much for your love and support guys! ^.^

Apologies on absence

Hey fellow minion (or not so) readers,

This post is an apology post, so here it goes – I’m so sorry! I know I’ve been absent the past few weeks. Lots of things have been going on in real life over here and I’ve just buried my grandmother. So, yeah. Anyway, things will hopefully be continuing as usual, seeing as everything has been solved now. Again, thanks for your support, now and forever more. 🙂