Day of Gifts

WoW prepatch, Overwatch Ana patch, and Love☆You 3-3! It’s a win for everyone! (mostly me)


New part?

New part.




There’s an update! Everyone pray that Lynx has more free time. Sacrifice your MMO lootz for Lynx free-time. Do eeeeeeet.


Hey guys!

Thanks for sticking with us through the year! Say goodbye to season 2 and hello to season 3! Expect tons more of inappropriate moments, coupled with bumbling Shun trying his best to teach Rosalie how to be normal. Which, as everyone knows, is not possible.

LoveYou could never have survived to this day without all of your support, so a big heart from us all here on the Nanodesu LoveYou team!

Remember, LoveYou loves you! 🙂

Addendum by msirp: I am so sorry, folks! 3-0 should have been out a week and a half ago, but I got caught up with things and… forgot… to post 3-0… I’m very sorry! Please forgive me! And please don’t be mad at Lynn! This was all on me!

Season 2 Completed!

Evening, readers! Season 2 has just been completed! Hooray! Also, Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 have been updated with images. Double hooray!

Season 3 Episode 0 is up next! But first, a word from our sponsors!

*changes channel*

Summer break

Hi guys! First off, sorry for the long absence. And the slow update speed. On the other hand though, med school has finally decided to give me a break. That means, hopefully, faster uploads over the summer hols! 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me guys, and have fun reading!

2-5 Uploaded

msirp here! Sorry for the extended delay in updates. Translation speed will be slow for the next couple of months. School is kicking Lynn’s butt. She’ll probably make a post about her speed in the coming weeks or on release of the next part. As always, thank you all for reading our translation!